Week 2 and still going strong!


Well the journey continues. Today is day 11 and I have to say, this is much easier than I anticipated. I never would have have thought that I could go this long without all of the dairy goodness that is cheese, sour cream and most of all, chocolate! 

Here are a few of my staples: 


peanut butter (especially when I want something sweet!) 


black beans 

soy milk (in place of cream in my coffee) 

avocado- when I put this on top of my vegan Mexican casserole, I don’t even miss the cheese! 


So far, I have noticed that when I get hungry, it’s much less dramatic. I simply listen to my body’s request for fuel, fuel up and move on. My skin is becoming clear and bright.. an esthetician told me a while ago that breaking out on the lower part of your face and around your chin was most often related to a food allergy. I’m not a doctor or an esthetician but hey, if it works great! Best of all, I have more energy and am dropping weight and I don’t even feel like I’m depriving myself. Instead of a diet, I’ve made life changes. I’m making more healthful choices in my eating habits and food choices. 


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