Oxygen Mask


Ever wonder why when you get on an airplane the flight attendants tell you that in the event of an accident to put your oxygen mask on first? That’s so that you are alive and able to help your loved ones. The same goes for life. You must take care of yourself in order to take care of those around you. I’ve made some significant changes in the past couple of months and one thing that I’ve focused on is taking care of me. As a mom, I put my son first although I’ve learned that if I’m not giving myself oxygen, I cannot help my son to get his oxygen mask on.

This means something different for everyone. For some, it may mean taking time for you to do yoga, get a massage or even read a book. For others it may mean taking time to prepare your week. On Sunday, I like to get everything done around the home so that I can go into the new week with a fresh clear head. Like I’ve probably mentioned before, I like organization. I like to know what lies ahead.. so for me, planning is imperative. This is the day that I use to put my oxygen mask on…

Life is busy, we all struggle with balancing everything. Don’t forget to stop and put your oxygen mask on first so that you may help others.

What does your oxygen mask look like in your life?


Have my taste buds changed??


I’ve noticed that my food has so much more flavor! No a little more flavor, a TON more! Like, make your lips pucker pineapple! I’ve come to the conclusion that the pineapple.. it’s the fact that I am no longer fooling my taste buds with artificial this and processed that. They can now appreciate the flavors of god’s creations. I was surprise that my buds could change so quickly. Our bodies are so amazing! Now I can enjoy the flavors and qualities of food the way that they were intended. My buds are no longer tainted with the unnatural sodium and faux flavors that made up the foods that I once consumed. 

Week 2 and still going strong!


Well the journey continues. Today is day 11 and I have to say, this is much easier than I anticipated. I never would have have thought that I could go this long without all of the dairy goodness that is cheese, sour cream and most of all, chocolate! 

Here are a few of my staples: 


peanut butter (especially when I want something sweet!) 


black beans 

soy milk (in place of cream in my coffee) 

avocado- when I put this on top of my vegan Mexican casserole, I don’t even miss the cheese! 


So far, I have noticed that when I get hungry, it’s much less dramatic. I simply listen to my body’s request for fuel, fuel up and move on. My skin is becoming clear and bright.. an esthetician told me a while ago that breaking out on the lower part of your face and around your chin was most often related to a food allergy. I’m not a doctor or an esthetician but hey, if it works great! Best of all, I have more energy and am dropping weight and I don’t even feel like I’m depriving myself. Instead of a diet, I’ve made life changes. I’m making more healthful choices in my eating habits and food choices. 

Please allow me to introduce myself.. My name is Tawnya. I am a hard worker, I am organized, creative, giving and fun loving and I am most proud to be the mother of a 4 year old little boy, Greyson. I like to keep a clean home, I love to scrapbook and I feel as if every moment is a memory and I like to capture those memories. My son would say I probably take too many pictures, I have over 2,000 on my phone at this very moment. I love to be creative whether it be with food, pictures, embroidery, making jewelry or art projects with G.
I am also single mother however I do not let that define me. I have decided that I am going to let that drive me!
I do believe that sometimes we try to keep our accolades in the front of our mind to maintain self-confidence however we also cannot ignore the things that we could improve on. Lately I feel that my list of things I could improve on has been eating (no pun intended) away at me and finally one day, I woke up and was fed up (again please ignore the pun) I’m ready for a revolution. I have come to terms that I am a few things that I need to improve on. In most areas of life I am a “take the bull by the horns” sort of person however I do believe that I have let a few things go without that same tenacity.
I want to be a good role model for G so it’s time for some changes. Sunday, June 17th I made a choice to give up dairy for a week to start.. I want this to be a long term decision but I need to take baby steps. On Sunday I went to Trader Joes unarmed and without  a list… this adventure was a little stressful as I am a list person, I do not like to fly by the seat of my pants. I like to know what to anticipate and have a game plan. So, in order to control the stress, I decided to keep it simple. I was only going to purchase dairy free things that I knew I would eat in the next few days. My (well Greyson’s, he loves the little carts at Trader Joes) shopping basket consisted of:
One mango (for G)
Organic grapes
Organic strawberries
Broccoli slaw
Cereal bars (for G)
Apple and cinnamon oatmeal
Vanilla almond milk
Vegetable pasta (yes they make it and it’s good!)
High fiber wheat bread
I’ve been a vegetarian since October of 2010. That was easy for me. I’ve never been a huge fan of meat and after reading “Skinny Bitch” I was DONE with meat! I should have allowed that book to open my eyes to a few other things but all in due time.
This is going to be a revolutionary journey for me and I invite you to join me for the ride. It’s going to be fun with some great scenic views and sometimes it’s going to be long and difficult. I am confident that when I reach my destination, I’m going to love it!
Day 1 dairy free-
Peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread (high in fiber)
Tonight I didn’t have Greyson so I wasn’t quite sure what to do for dinner.. I decided on cereal (also high fiber) with vanilla almond milk. I had no idea what I was in for… it was amazeballs!

Allow me to introduce myself